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Eye surgery: an overview

With over 20 years experience I successfully performed more than 10,000 eye surgeries.

My competence is based on intense research, years of experience in specialized eye clinics and thousands of different eye surgeries.

Here you will find an overview of the field of eye surgeries (a more detailed overview can be found here):


Vitreous body: diagnostics and therapy

These diseases affect the posterior part of the eye, the vitreous body (corpus vitreum). This gel-like, transparent substance has the function of “stabilizing” the posterior part of the eye. Read more here.

Retina: diagnostics and therapy

The retina is a multi-layered nerve tissue that lines the posterior part of the eye. Read more here.

Vitreous body: diagnostics and therapy

Cataract is a slowly developing clouding of the lens in your eye, commonly due to aging. With the progression of this disease, a gray coloring can be seen behind the pupil. Cataracts interrupt the path of light through the normally clear lens of the eye and lead to blurred vision. Read more here.

Eyelid problems: diagnostics and therapy

The skin of the eyelids contains loose connective tissue, which can sag over the years. Eyelid problems are not only aesthetic problems, but can lead to an increased or reduced flow of tears, or even restrict your field of vision. Read more here.

How do you notice these diseases?

Check right here with an easy online eye test if you suffer from an eye disorder.

For more detailed information about symptoms and eye surgery, please read on here.

In cases of emergency or questions you can contact me at my medical practice (even outside of office hours), requests will quickly be forwarded to me personally. Moreover, you are welcome to contact me any time via email.

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