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The business magazine “Trend“ published a ranking list of doctors and chose me as one of the best ophthalmologists in Austria and the newspaper Kurier listed me as one of the most popular physicians in the country:

Trend - beste Augenärzte Österreichs    Beliebteste Ärzte Österreichs

Here you can find some interviews with me in the press.

This is what patients say:

“Very friendly and proficient – I even got an appointment on Saturday.”
Florian Schauer-Bieche

“After my eyesight worsened rapidly on my right eye I saw my ophthalmologist. He diagnosed a detachment of the retina and told me to make an appointment at the hospital for surgery immediately. I was devastated. At the hospital, I was transferred to the Department of Ophthalmology, where Dr. Falkner-Radler welcomed and examined me. Her calm and emphatic appearance made me relax, and I felt in very good hands. After the surgery, she gave me instructions for further procedures. Her encouraging words made me leave the hospital in a positive mood. At the check-up two weeks later she dispelled my doubts with only a few words. I was relieved and went home in a good temper. Thank you very much for the excellent treatment.”
Harald Pesendorfer

“My husband had been diagnosed with a lamellar macular hole on both eyes at the beginning of this year. At the clinic, Dr. Falkner-Radler, a very nice doctor, examined him thoroughly and explained all the necessary steps to him. He asked her if she could perform the surgery herself, and she agreed.
On our way home from the hospital, we decided that she would be our new Ophthalmologist.
The operation went fine; she also corrected a corneal curvature radius and inserted a lens. For the check-ups we attended her at her private clinic and everything was to our complete satisfaction. Dr. Falkner-Radler also examined me and adjusted new glasses for me. We are very satisfied with her and can only recommend her. Believe me, you won’t find a better doctor and she is also worth a longer drive. We are very happy that we met Dr. Falkner-Radler.”
Rosa Oberhauser

“I have very good experiences with Dr. Falkner-Radler, she treated my severe retina problems and made a cataract surgery. I feel respected as a patient and she treats my fears in a very sensitive way. Competently she found the perfect lens for my shortsightedness. Both surgeries she performed (peripheral retina and macula foramen) were successful and after one year my visual function is back to 80%.”
Ruth Ankerl


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