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I’m scared of the eye surgery, what can I do?

This is quite natural. Fears are mostly based on a lack of information. Therefore, I will explain in detail, how the surgery is done and I will answer all your questions. The more you know about the surgical procedure, the less anxiety you will have.


Will my eye be taken out during the surgery?

No, your eye will remain where it is. I use a lid speculum, which is a lid opening device.


What happens if I want to move the head during the surgery?

You don’t need to be afraid of that. During operations under local anesthesia, you can talk to me and tell me if you want to move your head. In addition, I will tell you the surgical steps I perform and when I need you to be focused.

During surgery under general anesthesia you don’t move your head, because you are in a deep sleep.

Learn more: Here are some FAQs about eye surgery in a 3-minute video:


I am sensitive to pain. Does an eye surgery under local anesthesia hurt a lot?

Usually, you only feel the touch, a gentle pressure or a little burning. Should you feel anything else, you can tell me and I can use additional anesthetic drops.


What are the risks and side effects of the surgery?

That depends on the nature of your disease and the kind of surgical procedure. In a detailed discussion, which we will have, we will clarify together the risks or possible side effects and the best options for you.


Can someone accompany me to the eye surgery?

Of course. If you want, the accompanying person can even be with you in the operating room. This is useful not only as a reassurance, but can also help in case of language barriers. I have recommended doing this in numerous surgeries and it has proven to be very successful.

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For how long after surgery, and what kind of restrictions should I expect?

This will vary depending on the surgical procedure I will perform. There are no restrictions in case of botulinum and fillers. In case of eyelid surgery expect approx. 1 week where you may experience some swelling or bruising.

After cataract surgery, you should not do heavy lifting for 1 to 2 weeks, avoid the sauna, and do not rub your eyes. In case of retinal and vitreous surgery you should avoid sports and sauna for about 2 to 3 weeks, not do any heavy lifting, do not rub your eyes and you may have some restrictions in reading and doing computer work during this time.


How many surgeries have you performed successfully?

I have successfully performed over ten thousand eye surgeries, intravitreal drug deliveries & other microsurgical procedures. With over 20 years experience in surgery I successfully perform more than 800 eye surgeries every year. In addition to my profound experience, my intensive research guaranties for being in the best hands.


Do you have any general questions? Read the most frequently asked general questions and answers here.

For further questions please call my medical practice or contact me by e-mail.

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